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If you have a loved one incarcerated in the Pueblo County Jail, (otherwise known as the Pueblo County Detention Center), we can help.

Following is a brief rundown of some information about the Pueblo County Jail that you probably need to know.

Inmate Population

The Pueblo County Jail houses over 700 inmates, both males and females. They include defendants who are awaiting trial, as well as convicts serving sentences for both misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Unfortunately, the facility is significantly overcrowded. The site is located about 40 miles from Colorado Springs.


Inmates should check in with only the following items:

  • Court documents;
  • Necessary medical devices;
  • A list of prescription medications (but no actual medications);
  • Eyeglasses;
  • Dental appliances; and
  • Cash for the commissary account.

Jail officials will confiscate anything else and return it to the inmate upon release.

Inmate Information

You can find information about each inmate on the sheriff’s Inmate Inquiry webpage. Available information includes height, weight, birth date, tattoos, booking number, charges, and bail amount (if any).


Most inmates who are awaiting trial can secure their release by paying a bail bond set by the judge. Anyone can post bail for an inmate, including a professional bail bondsman.

If the inmate fails to show up on their assigned court date, however, the jail will not return any bail money. Your attorney can advocate for lower bail and help you search for sources of bail money.

Pueblo County Jail Visitation

Pueblo County Jail visitation rules allow two types of visitation: remote and onsite. Both remote and onsite visitation take place by video. In that sense, there is no true “in-person” visitation.

Off-site visitation takes place via the Securus site.  Onsite visitation takes place by video screen in the jail lobby. 

You must schedule any Pueblo County inmate visitation at least 24 hours in advance (register here).

Since jail staff monitor and record all visits, do not talk about your loved one’s case during your visit. The rules prohibit more than three onsite visits per week.

Phone Calls

Jail rules prohibit inmates from taking incoming calls from friends or family. They can, however, make collect calls or call out using a prepaid plan, and they can take calls from their defense attorney.

All calls are monitored, except for conversations between inmate and attorney. Nothing that is said during attorney-client conversations can be used as evidence. 


You can send mail to an inmate using this address:

Pueblo County Detention Center

Inmate’s Full Name

909 Court Street

Pueblo, CO 81003

The jail will inspect all mail, except mail from the inmate’s attorney.

Commissary Money

You can deposit money into an inmate’s cash account so that they can buy food, toiletries, writing materials, and other small items.

You can even fund these accounts online through credit or debit cards. See the Access Corrections website to set up funding.

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