Previous Case Results

Distribution Case Dismissed & Sealed
Client Facing 8-32 Years Mandatory Prison Sentence, Marijuana Cultivation / Distribution Charge.
Protection Order Dismissed
Out-of-state client served with a protection order. Case dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.
Juvenile Acquitted
Juvenile client was charged with felony assault following a house party. After trial, the judge acquitted my client of all charges, finding that he acted in self-defense.
Menacing Case Dismissed & Sealed
Client charged with Menacing. Judge dismissed the case halfway through trial; finding that no reasonable juror could convict my client of the charges.
Contempt Charge Dismissed
Client facing contempt of court after a divorce decree. Case dismissed after motions were filed.

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It feels like you just ran blindly into a giant. The first time that you’re charged with a crime, you realize how imposing the criminal justice system really is. It’s a behemoth made up of thousands of officers, attorneys, and bureaucrats. For the first time in your life, you become a number. An inmate number, a case number, a bond number. You’re evaluated, analyzed, and processed over and over again. If you’ve seen Law and Order, you might be tempted to think that the whole process will be over in thirty minutes (minus a few commercial breaks), but by the time your third court date rolls around, you realize how different real life court is from the popular TV dramas. It’s a huge grinding machine that can crush you under its weight, or chew you up and spit you out if you make the wrong move.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly said that the purpose of the criminal justice process is to advance the search for truth. But how can you find the truth in a stifling network of statues, rules, and cases? The 2020 version of the Colorado Revised Statutes is 25,733 pages long. This does not include the procedural rules, rules of evidence, or the hundreds of thousands of judicial decisions (known as “case law”) interpreting these rules. If it feels overwhelming, that’s because it is.

The truth is that no one can do this on their own. It takes years of study and practice to learn the law and then know how to implement it.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Colorado Springs have that experience. Our knowledge comes from the inside. Before moving into private practice, Austin spent years working as a prosecutor. During that time he appeared in front of dozens of judges, spoke to hundreds of jurors, and reviewed thousands of cases. After spending months out of each year in trial, he learned what it takes to win.

-If you are ready to stop the worry and uncertainty, schedule a free, non-committal consultation with our experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys today.

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Austin Lux

Managing Attorney/Colorado Springs Native

Austin M. Lux is the managing partner and lead attorney at The Lux Law Firm. He is a former prosecutor specializing in Colorado Criminal Defense and Family Law. Austin attended law school at the University of Denver where he focused on litigation and was an assistant editor for the 2016 edition of the Colorado Evidence Courtroom Manual, a popular reference manual utilized by judges and practitioners throughout the state.

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*We value our clients’ personal and private lives. We have removed the names from these reviews for client discretion.

5 Reasons People Choose Us

We Listen From your first consultation you’ll see why we’re different. Austin understands that there is always more to a case than what’s written in the police reports. He takes the time to flesh out every detail of your case with you. By the end of the meeting you’ll know if the police did their job correctly, if there’s a viable defense to the charges, and what the process is going to look like going forward.
We have the Experience You Need As a member of the Southern Colorado Drug Task Force, Austin worked alongside the DEA to investigate and dismantle large scale drug-trafficking organizations in the state. As a manager in the county court division of the 4th Judicial District, Austin trained new district attorneys and oversaw the day-to-day prosecution of misdemeanor cases. As a Top Ten under 40 Criminal Defense Lawyer and a member of the DUI Defense Lawyer Association, Austin stays on the cutting edge of criminal case law and defense tactics.
We Fight for Our Clients From the minute we’re hired on your case, our dedicated Colorado Springs criminal defense legal team will start working on getting you the best result for your situation. We vigorously advocate with the district attorney to show the side of you that the police reports miss. For the cases that we can’t resolve through negotiation, we stand ready and prepared to take our client’s cases to a jury.
We Are Available 24/7 When you call our office, day or night, you will immediately speak to a live person who take down your information for a member of our staff to review. If we can’t help you with your case we’ll find someone who can.
Habla Espanol Entendemos que Colorado Springs es una comunidad diversa que se beneficia en gran medida de nuestra población hispana. Para garantizar que el idioma nunca sea un obstáculo para la justicia, tenemos un miembro del personal interno que ofrece servicios de traducción gratuitos para nuestros clientes hispanohablantes. Llámenos hoy 719-368-7698.

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