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Written by: Austin Lux
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Who wondered whether COVID created a legal loophole for drunk driving? Spoiler: the answer is no one. Austin Lux did. And he published a YouTube video on the topic.

His passion and investment in that criminal defense, and specifically representing those who have been charged with driving under the influence should not be surprising since Austin is a member of the National College of DUI defense.

He dedicates his life towards helping others navigate the criminal justice system. He does his work in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Austin’s work affords him the privilege of meeting people in their darkest hour. On some occasions, Austin ushers these same people to a shining moment—one that in their not-to-distant past may have seemed unattainable or worthy only of a dream.

Through that journey, Austin witnesses the evolution of humans encountering struggle and developing the tools to overcome that struggle.

Setting aside the intricacies of winning a case at trial, what are some memorable evolutions Austin has observed of us clients. What role does he see for himself in those evolutions? Heady stuff.

To give the full podcast episode a listen, head over to “The Human Lawyer” Podcast: Austin Lux

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