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Focus on Having the Right Lawyer for Your Case Instead of the Least Expensive

You might be wondering what your future will look like if you have a criminal charge in Colorado. 

You may wonder if you will go to jail. Will you be able to keep your job with a criminal conviction on your record? Will you lose your driver’s license? You might also find yourself wondering, How much do lawyers cost for criminal defense? 

You’re anxious and you think you need a lawyer. However, you might not know who you should turn to for help.

Former prosecutor Austin M. Lux is a good person to turn for help.

Attorney Lux and his staff with the Lux Law Firm have dedicated their practice to defending people charged with criminal offenses in Colorado.

Austin fights vigorously for his clients and believes that there is more to your situation than what the police wrote about in their reports.

Call The Lux Law Firm today for a free consultation and find out how Austin and his team can help you in your time of need.

How Much Do Lawyers Cost for Criminal Defense?

Just like no two doctors or teachers are alike—criminal defense lawyers are not all the same. You might think that any lawyer you hire can give you the best chance to minimize the impact criminal charges have on your life.

Although logical, that’s not reality. When you think about hiring an attorney, do not focus solely on the average cost of a defense attorney. There’s more to retaining a lawyer than cost.

What Questions Should You Ask in Addition to How Much Does a Defense Attorney Cost?

You need to be an active participant in your defense, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Active participation begins when you first meet a lawyer. 

Ask Yourself if You Are Comfortable with the Lawyer

When you first meet with a lawyer, you are interviewing them and they are likely interviewing you. One question you should ask yourself is whether you would feel comfortable with that lawyer representing you. Put another way, ask yourself whether you feel like you can trust this lawyer.

Not every lawyer is the best fit for you, and that’s OK. So pay attention and ask yourself if the attorney seems sincerely interested in you and your case. If you don’t trust the lawyer you hire, then you will never be certain justice was done in your case.

Have You Handled Cases Like Mine Before?

The lawyer might be competent but may not have a tremendous amount of experience handling the specific charges you’re facing.

The lawyer you hire should have experience with a variety of criminal cases. Hiring a former prosecutor to defend you virtually ensures that they have the level of expertise necessary to give you the best possible chance to beat your case. 

Some of the most successful defense attorneys started their careers by working for prosecutors’ offices. There, lawyers handle huge caseloads and gain substantial experience dealing with a wide variety of cases.

Prosecutors learn what it takes to convict because the state has the burden of proof. They learn which defenses give you a better chance to beat your case than others. When it comes to criminal law, there’s simply no substitute for extensive courtroom experience.

Ask About The Best Defense Strategies for Your Case

Every case is unique. Sure there will be some similarities, but the individuals involved make each case unique. A seasoned lawyer who has the client’s best interests at heart will understand how to flush out all of the potential defenses.

Depending on the facts of the case, you might have pre-trial motions you can file. You might have a good chance to get the case dismissed if you win a motion to suppress evidence. There are a number of reasons the judge might suppress evidence, and your lawyer knows which will apply in your case. 

Even if you don’t have any viable pre-trial motions, your lawyer will be able to assess your chances of walking away with an acquittal if you go to trial. They will know if trial is your best option or not. And in cases where trial is not the best option, experienced defense attorneys know how to use leverage and negotiate a good plea bargain. 

Former Prosecutor Austin M. Lux Is Ready to Fight for You

The question on your mind when you first sit down with a lawyer to discuss your case may be, How much do lawyers cost for criminal defense? The better question to ask is, What value do I get when I pay an attorney their fee?

As a former prosecutor, Austin M. Lux provides incredible value for his clients. Not only does he possess extensive knowledge of the Colorado criminal justice system, he is a fighter. He and his team with the Lux Law Firm want to fight for you. Call Austin today at 719-496-2177 for a free consultation.

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