We Protect Families, Freedoms, & Futures

At The Lux Law Firm, our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients as soon as possible. From the minute we’re hired on your case, we start working on getting you the best result for your situation. We vigorously advocate with the district attorney to show the side of you that the police reports miss. For the cases that we can’t resolve through negotiation, we stand ready and prepared to take our client’s cases to a jury.

Distribution Case Dismissed & Sealed
Client Facing 8-32 Years Mandatory Prison Sentence, Marijuana Cultivation / Distribution Charge.
Protection Order Dismissed
Out-of-state client served with a protection order. Case dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.
Juvenile Acquitted
Juvenile client was charged with felony assault following a house party. After trial, the judge acquitted my client of all charges, finding that he acted in self-defense.
Menacing Case Dismissed & Sealed
Client charged with Menacing. Judge dismissed the case halfway through trial; finding that no reasonable juror could convict my client of the charges.
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